I’ve got a couple projects brewing here in Portland but here are some links to a couple of the bands I was working with regularly before moving to Portland.








Pretty fun stuff! The tune I co-wrote with Blondie was primarily with Matt Katz who plays keys in the band and was also in the above mentioned Every Empire (which I’m singing on the majority of). There are truly some world class players in all these bands. They are my extended family.

Other bands that I’ve been with over the years include The Volunteers, Grayson Hugh, Princess Katie and Racer Steve, Neon Dynamite, Lost Tricks, The Nillaz, Sarah King, Satchel Jones, System Noise, Jazzmind, Big Ben Hillman Professor of Funk…

I have been fortunate to have been featured on records from Andee Blacksugar, Rick Torres, Chelsea Wolfe, Dante Blakely, Adam Kane Norcott, James Sera, Thomas Veljstrup, and many more.

The players I have worked with in these various projects have been in bands like Blondie, Talib Kweli, David Byrne, Marcia Ball, Gaga/Bennett, Peter Murphy, Prince, Public Enemy, Charlie Robison, Lauryn Hill and of course others.

Helping people make their own records is a blast. Sometimes even just from simple lyrics or poetry. I work quickly and pride myself on professionalism. Making recordings makes me happy.

I run Ableton 9 Live Suite. Have great bass gear, as well as what you would expect for a home studio. I have been getting more and more into the mixing/producing thing by the day.

I really love making records whether bass playing or helping write/produce/mix/sing, its pretty much the best. Hit me up, lets make a song.