Movie Soundtracks

I have had the pleasure of writing some songs for various soundtracks. All of them came to me wanting very exact but different styles. I then had the task of creating, recording, and producing high quality results in a quick period of time. I have a quick description as to what was desired before each song.

Marylyn Manson’s version of Tainted Love only a brand new song:

-You Are Poison-

A song similar to For the Love of Money… but not it at all:

-Gettin By-

CCR meets Paul Simon, song about driving, many lyrics dictated:

-One Wrong Turn-

A rockin version of For the Love of Money

-For Za Love of Money-

I’m 100% confident that I can make professional quality music in virtually any genre (and quickly) with the help of my amazing friends. These songs feature Casper Gyldensoe on guitar and Keith Robinson on drums. If you hear anyone you like on this website or are looking for session musician I’d be happy to put you in touch with someone who will bring it.