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Original Records | Dave Smith Bass

Original Records

My newest EP is out Simple Pleasures! Give it a listen here or grab a copy of it or my other solo works at davesmith.bandcamp.com


Simple Pleasures

I Play Along

All I Ever Wanted





I had my first child. I love my little dude. I made a silly kids record with him (although he was 4 months at the time). “We” played all the instruments, sang, mixed, etc.  It’s BABY CHAOS  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davesmith11


And back to the more adult vein…


..Having to write under creative limitations for various works inspired me in many ways. Working within parameters helps my creative process. These songs wrote themselves. I made these three EPs simply because I wanted the titles “Country Porn”, “Wackin It”, and “Songs for Pussies” to exist.  I hope you enjoy them.

Country Porn

Sex Drugs and Pick Up Trucks Buy

Take My Advice Buy

New York Grind Buy

SupaFuckinMagilistic Buy

Planned Parenthood Blues Buy

Wackin It

Wackin It Buy

Romance Gone Bad Buy

Love It A Lot Buy

A Quick Thought Buy

Finishing Off Buy

Songs for Pussies

Anything 4 U Buy

Like I Was Never Born Buy

But Its Getting Better Buy

The Kids Will Riot Buy

Comin’ Home Buy

These three concept records were made with the help of some very awesome friends of mine. Please acknowledge their awesomeness for a couple minutes.

Casper Gyldensoe. guitars, keys, a little singing, some arranging.
Keith Robinson. Drums

Keith also mixed them. Thanks Guys!