Digital Musings

Here are a couple original songs that I wrote very recently. Some of them I played all the instruments (or at least ableton-ed them). The others some friends of mine helped me get a good start on. Nothing is set in stone, a majority of these I wouldn’t classify as finished. New material is composed keeping in mind the strengths of those around me as I would assume you do the same. Plenty more songs if desired, I’m always working, and I love to collaborate on new songs with musical people.

I have recording capabilities and would love help bring songs into existence.

I’m looking both to start a project as well as join existing existing ones. Take a look at the rest of the website to get an idea of where I’m coming from musically. Like I mentioned elsewhere I’m new to town so any places I should go or people I should meet please send my way. It would be deeply appreciated.

All I Ever Wanted

Whats on Your Mind


Lets Get Naked



It’s Not About Me